Tired eyes can appear irritated or bloodshot, swollen or puffy. Your eyes can feel and look tired for several reasons, which include digital eye strain, diet, lack of sleep, and allergies. Below are 5 effective ways to ease your tired eyes: 

Have an updated prescription 

Your tired eyes can be due to an outdated eye prescription. When you’ve already forgotten when was the last time you had your eyes checked by an optometrist, look for an Houston eye doctor and schedule an appointment right away. Know that your vision can change eventually. A prescription for contact lenses or glasses that made it possible for you to clearly see things 2 years ago may be the reason why your eyes are tired and strained today. 

Moreover, your tired eyes may be an indicator that you should get contacts or glasses now that’s recommended by your optometrist even if you’ve never required vision correction before.  

Apply cool and warm compresses 

Commonly, you can ease your tired eyes by putting cool and warm compresses on your eyes. Not only this can help improve your eye’s appearance, but it also provides you the opportunity to pamper yourself and it feels great as well.  

Make sure your eyes are always hydrated 

Dry eyes can be due to a lot of factors, such as certain medications, age, and excessive screen time, all of which make it hard for your eyes to keep moist. When your eyes are due to excessive time staring at your screens, the best and the easiest remedy for that would be to frequently blink.  

When blinking won’t do the trick of making your eyes feel less tired, you can apply eye drops to give relief and help your eyes appear brighter and clearer. To know more about which artificial tears are recommended for you, do not hesitate to ask a certified eye doctor near you.  

Prevent your allergy triggers 

It’s a fact that allergies can take a toll on your eyes. This is because allergens stimulate a release of histamine in the body, which can make your nose and eyes feel irritated and itchy and your blood vessels to dilate. Moreover, allergies can result in swelling, making your eyes look tired and puffy. 

If you think you got tired eyes because of allergies, then do not hesitate to take an antihistamine—either a prescription or an over-the-counter variety, to make your eyes appear less puffy, itchy, swollen, and red.  

Take some breaks from your screens.  

Between smartphones, tablets, computers, and televisions, screen exposure is one of the leading causes of why your eye is affected. To prevent having tired eyes, it’s highly recommended to take both long and mini-breaks from your digital devices and computers to let your eyes rest. 

Comprehensive eye exams are highly recommended to be done every 2 years. But, if you have any underlying problems, you may be required to visit your eye doctor more often.  

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